Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Brazilian wax while I have my period?

Yes! Your skin will be a little more sensitive, but as long as you are wearing a clean tampon, it is no problem!

Can I get a Brazilian was while I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Your skin is more sensitive while pregnant, but it’s completely safe! I am the mother of 2, so I am sensitive to your needs and concerns.

Can I bring my children to my waxing appointment?

You may bring your children. Having 2 small kids myself, I don’t mind small children being in the room. Please bring toys or snacks to keep your children


Are couples waxes allowed?

Unfortunately, couples are not allowed in the treatment room at the same time. However, appointments can be scheduled back to back.

What if I become erect during a men’s Brazilian?

It’s a completely normal, natural reaction. I will not pass judgement, and will remain professional about it. I ask that you do the same. I do not tolerate sexual comments, actions, or unusual conversations. If this happens, I will terminate the

service immediately.